#3 House | Studio2 Architects | ArchiPro [Inara Trend Design]

#3 House | Studio2 Architects | ArchiPro [Inara Trend Design]

#3 House – Nestled on a rear site, the entrance to Studio2 Architect Paul Clarke’s home is unassuming as you move down a long drive that leads between two grand homes reminiscent of an Auckland of days gone by.

Text description provided by the architects. The building is approached from the south through a dense spruce forest, as the lake landscape slowly opens to the right on the east side. The spruce forest forms a natural and characteristic back wall for the construction site.

It acts as a strong visual barrier along the western boundary of the plot, but also softens the place’s otherwise open sound landscape and adds a gentle, dark tone to it. At the beginning of the design, the plot was almost treeless and only one maple tree had to be removed to make room for the building.

The rhythmic line of birches by the shore is an essential feature for the landscape opening from the interior of the house, and it also provides privacy when viewing the building from the lake. The steep stone embankment of the shore is repeated with the paving stones of the lower part of the house. The exact location of the building was largely determined by the views.

The more north you move on the plot, the more the lake landscape opens, on the other hand, the shortest distance to the shore was precisely determined. The old sauna by the shore had to be moved slightly in order to get the best view.

Views have been sparingly opened towards the closest neighbor, located northwest, and towards the under-grown tree layer facing north, and the house is more enclosed in that direction. Instead of covering the large glass surfaces with

When the gate opens, you are treated to something special. Immediately, the haven-like grounds are consuming. To the west, a zen-like garden and landscaping compete with the dynamic form of this family home in which sculptured copper-clad skylights punch through the roof to draw light into the spaces below.

Arriving at the entrance to the home, the subtle nuances of this structure filled with art and meaning come to the fore. A symbol inset into the in situ concrete wall represents the three males in Paul’s family; himself and his two sons, while a square in the centre represents his wife Deb, “the heart of this home and family”, Paul explains.

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