7 Ways To Add Turquoise To Your Kitchen

7 Ways To Add Turquoise To Your Kitchen | Kitchen Design – If you love turquoise, why not add the color to your home? If you’re wondering which room you should add your favorite shade of blue, set your sights on the kitchen! These seven tips will help you turn your kitchen into a turquoise haven in no time.

1) Give your cabinets an overhaul: Turquoise cabinets done right, like the ones pictured above, are beautiful. Compliment the cabinets with a matching rug for added wow factor.

2) Tables and benches look better in blue: Why stick with traditional colors when you can have a turquoise farmhouse style table and benches? This would be an easy DIY project for creatives.

3) Signage is your friend: For those who only want a small pop of color in their kitchen, why not try some signage?

4) Mosaic magic: If you want to add extra southwestern flair to your household, adding turquoise mosaic tile is a great option!

5) Offset a wall: Painting all of your kitchen walls turquoise would be extreme, so consider redoing just one wall! It’s a great way to create intrigue without undergoing a huge project.

6) Display fine china: Subtly show off your favorite color by displaying your favorite blue hued dinnerware.

7) Antiquing is a must: A home is at its best when it has character, so look for some quirky, turquoise colored items that will breathe life into your kitchen. Can’t get enough cowgirl home decor? Check out Norseman Designs West.