A Built-In Dining Bench Saves Space Inside This Narrow House

[Interior | Living Room] — A Built-In Dining Bench Saves Space Inside This Narrow House

Custom design solutions, like a built-in dining bench, are one way to make the most out of the available space in a narrow house.

Space, space and space; it seems we are always in search of it as we decorating and redecorate our homes. There is simply not enough of it to go around and in the congested urban scenery, every inch of it is simply invaluable (or just incredibly expensive!) Small space solutions and space-savvy décor additions help you in getting around this conundrum and maximizing the full potential of your home. Whether you wish to simply have a wonderful conversation with your loved one each morning over a cup of coffee or want a practical and space-saving breakfast zone that also serves as a lunch station, a tiny breakfast nook does it all.

When London Atelier designed the interior of this townhouse, they had to think about space carefully as the home was quite narrow. Their solution was to design a custom dining area that includes a bench.

The bench, which is set back into the wall, allows for the inclusion of a dining table and chairs, minimizing the impact on people walking from the stairs to the living room. Meanwhile, the curved dining table and upholstered bench cushions add a softer more casual element for the family of four that live in the home.

Photography by London Atelier | Architect: London Atelier | Structural Engineer: Structured Environments | Main Contractor: Hennerton Construction