A Long Thin Swimming Pool Extends Out From This Hillside Home

Aristides Dallas Architects has designed a new concrete home named ‘The Lap Pool House’ in Tinos, Greece, whose design was inspired by the cavities and ledges of the rocks.

Emerging from the natural landscape as a man-made cave, the home has been designed to somewhat blend in with its surroundings, with the partial green roof acting as a continuation of the hillside.

The home has an exposed concrete structure, with the roof of the home extending to create a shaded interior and patio.

One of the key design elements that also gives the home its name, is the long swimming pool that extends away from the house.

The pool provides a perfectly unobstructed view of the water and land in the distance.

The living room has sliding glass walls that open to the patio and pool. Here’s a glimpse of the other interior areas of the home like the entryway, the open plan kitchen, and dining room, and one of the bedrooms with its own private outdoor space.

Watch the video below that shows additional views of the home.