Building A Deep Wood Frame Around The Window

[INara Trend DEsign | Bedroom] —- Building A Deep Wood Frame Around The Window

Building A Deep Wood Frame Around The Window – A small desk in this bedroom was made possible when architect Chiara Armando was designing this house in Greece for POLYERGO, by building an extra deep window frame.

The deep wood window frame perfectly frames the view of the hillside, much like a piece of art.

Due to the depth of the wood window frame, it can also be used as a small desk or somewhere to display decor.

Photography by Vasileios Thanopoulos and Vasileios Mathioudakis | Architectural Design Team: Arch. Chiara Armando – Arch. Vittoria Spinoni | Interior design: Arch. Chiara Armando | Construction: POLYERGO | Engineering: Stavros Polychronakis – POLYERGO | Landscape: Arch. Chiara Armando – Agronomist Vasiliki Chatzidaki | Collaborators: Custom –  made furnishing, Pesvanti K. Sons I.?.?.

Thankfully Summer is still here and I am loving the time outdoors building simple things and enjoying every ray of sunshine. Unfortunately, lazy summer days don’t last forever and before we know it Fall and Halloween decorating seasons will be here. This year I am getting a bit of a head start by making background decor items while there is lots of time. The first of these is this old window frame project.