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Dance Photography –The Russian photographer Alexander Yakovlev creates very beautiful portraits of classical dancers in the middle of white flour.

Yakovlev is a graduate from the faculty of law at the Russian State University For the Humanities, but it’s clear from his work here that he’s chosen a totally different career path, namely studio dance photography.

Yakovlev’s photos span a wide spectrum of dance styles, from ballet to break-dancing, but it was his flour-filled photo “Big bang theory” that has garnered the most recent attention.

The Art of Dance Photography:

Yakovlev is very talented at expressing the dynamic of the human body and takes dance photography one step further with the help of flour and other explosive elements. He captures dancers in flour-filled compositions which look like a redefinition of “Big bang theory”. Take a look at some of the incredible images.

As you might expect, this inspired us to have a look at the rest of Alexander’s profile, and what we found was a phenomenal studio dance photographer who really knows what he’s doing.

His flour shots are awesome, but that is far from the only style of portrait he takes. Black-and-white meets color, ballet meets break dance, and static poses meet wild mid-air freeze frames in Alexander’s portfolio.

But words will never do this profile justice, so we’ll just shut up and let his photos do the rest of the talking. Scroll down, enjoy, and remember to pick your jaw up off the floor when you’re done.