Architect Designs Modern Prism-Shaped Treehouses Nestled in the Forest

Milan-based Peter Pichler Architecture recently published a concept for a set of treehouses that blend into the Italian forest. Nestled between the fir and larch trees of the Dolomite mountains, each cabin looks like a prism that opens up to the landscape.

The project was conceived as an extension of an existing hotel, with these new treehouses giving guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the environment. The architecture studio, which is known for its sensitivity to the environment and sustainable design, uses natural wood in order to create a warm, inviting interior. The living space is placed on two levels, with the upper area for sleeping and the lower level for lounging.

Each treehouse will have a blackened timber exterior, helping it blend into its surroundings and local woods will be used in the project. This feeds into Peter Pichler Architecture’s ethos of creating contemporary architecture in a sustainable manner. Though the exact location of the project and when it will be completed isn’t immediately clear, all eyes will be watching to see this cluster of treehouses take shape.

Peter Pichler Architecture has designed prism-shaped treehouses nestled in the forest of the Italian Dolomites.