Art Villas Resort In Costa Rica

[Interior | Natural Building] —- Art Villas Resort In Costa Rica To Welcome Cone-Shaped Pods Nestled In The Jungle Landscape

Art Villas Resort –Following the realization of two villas hidden among the jungles of costa rica, two additional structures are nearing completion as part of a luxury resort. ‘coco’ is a series of five cabins for rent, while the ‘wing’ is a versatile deck that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Coco’s interiors have been designed by formafatal, the czech architecture firm behind the site’s ‘atelier villa’. embedded into the hillside, the resort’s other villa is a concrete dwelling with a infinity pool.

ARCHWERK is the architect behind ‘coco’ and ‘wing’, with architect martin a. tomas also working on the latter. formafatal, led by dagmar štěpánová, was responsible for the project’s interior design and exterior finishing.

Conceived as a ‘luxurious nest’,  ‘coco’ comprises five individual cone-shaped structures connected with open terraces, further blurring the boundaries between internal and external living space. once complete, the site will also feature a waterslide leading to a pool.

Located a little further down the hillside, the ‘wing’ is a horizontal platform sheltered with a distinctive roof canopy. renderings for this part of the plan show different areas for relaxation and shared experiences, including bean bags, hanging chairs, a stone tub, and an outdoor kitchen.

name: coco + wing
location: art villas resort, costa rica
architect of coco: ARCHWERK – martin kloda, hana procházková
architect of wing: martin a. tomas & ARCHWERK – martin kloda, hana procházková
interior design, exterior finishing: formafatal – dagmar štěpánová
status: in progress, nearing completion
visualizations: david straka – straka CGI