Bambooloo Waterless Composting Toilets

Bambooloo Waterless Composting ToiletsBambooloo Waterless Composting Toilets |Waterless composting toilets are a great bathroom solution whether you want to live a minimalist lifestyle or just want to make your contribution to save one of the most precious resources on our planet. There are various options available in the market if you want to buy one, and you can even build it yourself.

A new considerable option is presented by New Zealand-based Company Bambooloo that can help you manage your own waste. This family-owned business produces eco-responsive composting toilets. They are perfect to be used in tiny homes, emergency situations, water-scarce regions, and in many other circumstances.

The Bambooloo eco toilet, as the name suggests, is made from bamboo that is a moisture-resistant, durable, and sustainable building material. Each piece is built following the boat-construction technique to ensure the durability and contours of hull designs.

Using Bambooloo is easy-as-go: you first need to place the composting bag inside the bucket and then put some carbon material (such as coco-peat or wood shavings) in the base of the container. After this, you may use the toilet. Keep in mind that it is really important to put in some carbon material after each use.

This bamboo composting toilet system can help you lower your eco footprint, as well as generate a nutrient-dense and pathogen-free Humanure for use in the garden. It is designed to be placed in a bathroom and has roughly the same dimensions as a standard WC.

Each unit comes with a 20-liter container with a screw lid and a starter pack of composting bags. The container will be filled in one week when used by only a single adult. Know more at Bambooloo.