Bauhutte Gaming Beds

[Inara Trend Design | Bedroom] —- Bauhutte Gaming Beds are a Real Thing in Japan

Bauhutte Gaming Beds –Japanese company Bauhutte makes gaming furniture according to the needs of modern gamers. You would have heard of gaming desks and chairs but the company is catching a lot of limelight for a gaming bed. Bauhutte is actually offering innovatively designed accessories that can be used with existing single bed to transform it into a gamer’s ultimate paradise.

An elevating headboard that adds functional countertop space and storage to the bedside; a Bed desk that can be set at the foot of the bed are main components of the gaming bed.

A gamer will be able to play a game or watch a video on the screen in front of him and go to sleep without difficulty thanks to the attached Bed desk. One can even add to the bed a gaming sofa, side table, energy wagon and a slim bottle rack for further comfort during those game sessions.

A gamer can have everything from books to magazines, snacks to drinks and speakers to remote controllers in close proximity, there is provision to keep everything one would need for a perfect gaming life. In short, the gaming bed has almost everything needed during a gaming session, and one would just need to get up to use the bathroom.

A gaming bed accessorized with the Bed desk, headboard, side table, rolling shelving, headphone hanger, energy wagon, bottle rack, gaming blanket, and a gaming sofa is priced at 126,300 yen about $1,100 on the official website.

Original Source: Gizmodo