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Inara Trend Design | Architecture – Cabin A | BOURGEOIS | LECHASSEUR

Cabin A | BOURGEOIS | LECHASSEUR – The architecture projects designed by Olivier Bourgeois and Régis Lechasseur explore the forme and light proposing a world full of discoveries to their users. They have an efficient work methodology due to their diverse specialties. They have locations in Quebec and Îles de la Madeleine.

Driven by the desire to design dynamic projects for the benefit of the user, their approach is oriented towards the search for contemporary, realistic and sensitive architecture, which is inspired by striking elements of the landscape. The subtle work of form guides each of their projects. Exploration and the sequence of discoveries through the project are essential, regardless of the scale. For them, it is important not to reveal everything at first glance and to discover the architecture like a book, page by page.

The element of surprise is fundamental in understanding a project. They use simple and authentic materials; They don’t have a preconceived idea of ​​architecture. For them, each project is really adapted to the client and the intervention site.

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