Casa Briones | designed by Rafael Pardo

[Inara Trend Design | Home Design] — Casa Briones designed | by Rafael Pardo | Architecture

The house emerges in a humid and wooded area on the old Xalapa road, Coatepec. The land is at the top of the hill, offering great views of the neighboring hill Area protected by the ecology institute of the city of Xalapa for an ecological reserve (inecol).

A set of balanced volumes of white concrete, inside and outside, develop the program of the house. At its entrance you receive a double height that allows you to know this game of empty and full that bathed by natural light tell you the different tours of the house, a glass bridge takes you to the intimate area of ​​the house, this being the unifying element between the public and the private., in the dining room, this double height game is repeated where you generate different environments of lights and shades enjoying the natural landscape of the area.

The main façade is practically blind only small perforations that allow you to see the arrival of the visitors, being protected the privacy of the house. Thing contrary to the back facade, which opens to the landscape having a dialogue between the exterior and interior from practically all spaces of the house.

As such The house can be read as a large habitable sculpture where each volume protects a space with its own function but at the same time is part of a whole that would not be possible without the other.

The construction system was a challenge because it was thought that the workforce had to be specialized, surprise to know that if there is a qualified workforce that reveals that the supervision of any constructive system is sufficient to obtain good results …. It can be said that it is made in Xalapa.

Video by Naser Nader Ibrahim Location:#Coatepec, #Veracruz, #Mexico