Small Home Office With Stairs And Desk

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Creating Small Home Office With Stairs And Desk –Working from home has never been more popular than it is right now, so here’s some desk inspiration from a house designed by Bates Masi Architects.

Many home owners face the problem of lack of space, and to help you, guys, we continue sharing the best ideas and tips to get maximum of what you have. Today’s roundup is one of these – we’ll share some ideas to squeeze a home office nook under the stairs, make it functional and comfortable for working.

If we take under the stairs home office nook, there’s nothing difficult about designing one: just place a desk, some lamps and shelves and voila, keep in mind that it should correspond with the decor around. But two main concerns are storage and light. Many home owners reject the idea of placing a home office under the stairs because of not enough light and too little space. Let’s see how to deal with that.

A desk was incorporated into the design of these stairs, with the perforated steel and wood extending to create a dedicated work area.

The stairs have single wood tread that extends to become the desk work surface, while metal cables that travel from the desk to the beam above are used as a safety feature for the stairs.

Let’s be honest: one table lamp won’t be enough to illuminate the whole nook and make it inviting to work. Go for some built-in lights or various layers of light to make working here enjoyable. If it’s possible, make a staircase with no risers or just remove them from the existing piece – it guarantees that your home office nook will get much light. If it’s possible, make a separate window in this home office nook, which will flood it with natural light and let you enjoy the views. One more way to go is to extend the home office from the corner a bit and place it partly there, so the light from the space around will come here, too

At the end of the desk, there’s a small cabinet with draws that provides support for the work top.