Drop Showerhead | Yuhsien Lin Design Studio for Alya

[INara Trend Design | Interior] —– Drop Showerhead | Yuhsien Lin Design Studio for Alya

Yuhsien Lin Design Studio –Milan & Shanghai-based Yuhsien Lin Design Studio has designed the Drop Showerhead for Taiwanese company Alya. Its design is inspired by the lake with unique branches that touch the water and create a texture of a natural wave. Suitable for areas facing water pollution, the drop showerhead provides a safe, comfortable, and interactive experience in the bathroom.

The Drop showerhead embodies beautifully curated naturalistic forms and replicates the natural movement of water. On the first look, one understands the design and functionality of the showerhead easily. The angle between the showerhead and the grip decides the user experience, so the angle and the setting of the water outlet structure is achieved after many tests and research.

The showerhead features a 160-degree water outlet angle, which offers a comfortable showering experience while also maintaining a moderate appearance. The filter element can be operated directly from the grip and can be replaced easily.

The showerhead supports a rotatable time reminder table that can be changed from the buckle behind.  It reminds the user when the filter expires. The design team has creatively incorporated the details and a sense of experience in one single product.

From design to functionality – everything is self-explanatory in the showerhead. The design is not only impressive for looks but it also offers a new showering experience. The Drop showerhead is recipient of the Iron A’ Design Award 2019. Head over to the official website for more details.