Eye-Catching Sculptural Ceiling Installation

[Inara Trend Design | Interior] — Eye-Catching Sculptural Ceiling Installation

Eye-Catching Sculptural Ceiling Installation –Sculptural ceiling installations are one way a retail store can catch the eye of potential customers walking past, and a good example of this strategy is shown in the design of this ice cream shop.

Text description provided by the architects. The present building is showing off a typical facade of the eighties office towers’ architecture, with a less satisfying relationship with the soil, a heightened repeat of a floor standard, of a window type, with a simple and smooth façade thus a kind of autism to its own context.

The building wanted to be a tower, but it’s not. Its small length didn’t allow it to compete with its close sisters. Its location, on the fringes of La Defense’s slab, makes it belong more to the “domestic” city and its codes. Thus, he should renounce to his solitary object status.

Designed by Atelier Tobia Zambotti, the ice cream shop located inside the Perlan exhibition building in Reykjavík, Iceland, showcases a bold blue and white ceiling installation.

The sculptural ceiling has been formed from acoustic foam pyramids that create an optical illusion, pulling visitors towards the focal point of the colorful ice cream trays.