Fandango hanging lamp inspired by flamenco dance

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Fandango hanging lamp is theatrical in expression, dancing in mid-air with similar drama to a girl waving her dress.

Several layers of petals made from muslin cotton cloth can be shaped and adjusted to desired wave. The piped-edge, yet flowing feel gives a luxe touch.

Fandango was designed by Dutch designer Danny Fang for Hive and it is produced by Kenneth Cobonpue.

Description by Danny Fang: I found a photo of a flamenco girl throwing her dress all around with great power and expression. This photo inspired me to make a light with similar drama and expression to spice up our modernistic world.

To achieve this theatre and energy we had to develop new materials. Through an intricate process of working on the materials, we created petals made of fabric that we could mould in any shape, diffused the light and defied gravity.

This light wants to dance in freedom, so give her space to work her gipsy magic.

Designer: Danny Fang
Client: Hive
Manufacturer: Kenneth Cobonpue

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