Glass Design’s Royal Washbasin

[Inara Trend Design | Bathroom] —– Glass Design’s Royal Washbasin is Epitome of Luxury

Glass Design’s Royal Washbasin  –Italian company Glass Design specializes in washbasins and bathroom accessories for ones obsessed with extravagance. Made in bright colors with natural imperfections, the Murano glass washbasins is a fine example of what Glass Design can deliver.

The new Royal Absolute washbasin by Glass Design is synonymous with elegant and individual bathing spaces where every detail is curated to perfection. Royal Absolute is dedicated to those who delight in luxury and who seek within the craftsmanship of an object to view its intrinsic value and beauty.

Over again, they have new luxury-defining Royal Absolute washbasin, an example of classic luxury that will become the focal point of any high-end bathroom.

It is crafted from VetroFreddo, an innovative material patented by Glass Design. The material comprises glass pigments and resins in matt black or glossy white finishes. The basin is covered in a ribbon of crystals featuring an elegant diamond cut, and lavish gold, silver, and bronze color options.

The Royal Absolute washbasin is complemented by soap dispensers, tumblers, and soap dishes, all featuring the same crystal decoration for a maximum visual effect. The company will present the exquisite washbasin at the Milan Furniture Fair, 2020.