Herman Miller x Logitech G

Herman Miller x Logitech G | Iara Trend Design – Herman Miller x Logitech G | Herman Miller and Logitech G, a brand of Logitech, have entered the market of ergonomic seating for gamers, esports athletes, and streamers with their high-performing Embody Gaming Chair. It is the industry’s first truly ergonomic chair, offering advanced solutions in all aspects of their play.

Together both companies spent around two years studying the esports’ benefits and needs of the players around the world. When the feedback of many gamers was collected, the majority of them demanded more variety and high-performance from their gaming furniture.

Through in-depth research, both Herman Miller and Logitech found that players get into a variety of postures without even realizing the negative impact it could have on their performance and the potential risk to their health over time. Due to this, they were convinced to modify and improve the design of gaming chairs while offering more support to the lower back.

The Embody Chair is considered to have set the benchmark for natural body alignment, pressure distribution, and support for healthy movement. Therefore, it’s the perfect solution for the changing needs of the gamers and streamers out there.

Features of Embody Gaming Chair

The first gaming chair from Herman Miller and Logitech G enables gamers’ bodies to be properly balanced, aligned, and comfortable while playing for long hours. The chair is integrated with various features, including a cooling foam with copper-infused particles to support the ideal gaming posture and reduce heat buildup due to sitting on thick cushions for a prolonged period. It even offers pixelated support for evenly distributing the body weight to reduce pressure while encouraging movement. All these features are essential for maintaining healthy circulation and focus.