Hillside House / BAUEN

The Hillside House is located in San Bernardino, far enough away to drive off the noise, 45 minutes from the city of Asuncion, and close enough to enjoy its privileged nature.

Therefore, the approach of the house on the hillside is implanted in an inclined base plane with more than 30% of an unparalleled view, an exuberant vegetation, a lake as the lanscape end, inserted in an protagonist environment.

The hillside is strengthened with the construction of the house as a negative of the topography, modifying the ground as little as possible, positive soil – negative house, allowing the making of a house in 3 levels, upper and lower levels as intimate of bedrooms; and the intermediate level contains the social área, the water mirror as a reflection of the protagonist vegetation, a landscape frame.

The simple composition is given by beams that are separated of axis 3 mts between themselves and 3 mts established as module, 1.5 mts as submodule, organizing all the spaces and directing the views always to the lake, always to the horizon.

The raw concrete provides the texture and esthetics of the volumen, in conjunction with the metal that is presented partly raw and naked.

The respect for the place as premise, where the vegetation dominates and defines the architecture. We can´t compete with the perfection and beauty of nature, we can only frame it and contemplate it.

Houses  San Bernardino, Paraguay  Architects: BAUEN Area:  483Year:  2018 Photographs:  Federico Cairoli
Lead Architects:Darío Mereles, Aldo Cristaldo
Other Participants:Fátima Estigarribia, Marien Barchini
Calculation Engineer:Francisco Munizaga
City:San Bernardino