How I Design + Draw Architectural Lighting Plans

How I Design + Draw Architectural Lighting Plans —- [Interior | Lighting Design]

How I Design + Draw Architectural Lighting Plans  –We can build a home from a set of five drawings or a set of fifty, one provides a lot more control over the finished product. Whether your plan set is five or fifty, one of the must-have drawings is an electrical plan.

Follow along in this video as I design + draw the architectural lighting plan for the Outpost project. An electrical plan is an essential drawing in every architect’s toolbox, it shows the fixture types, switching, receptacle locations, all the necessary electrical devices + equipment we need to plan for in our architecture.

Designing it in coordination with the other essential building systems: architectural, structural, mechanical and plumbing affords us optimal control over the design.

Hidden elements in a project – beams, ductwork, vent stacks – can adversely impact the placement of the visible elements – light fixtures, for example – which is why we plan for them early in the design process.

Drawing and overlaying each helps us to identify conflicts in the studio and on paper where it’s much more efficient and cost-effective to make changes. See how the abstract concepts of ambient, task + accent lighting are accounted for and applied in the design of the Outpost, a remote, off-the-grid residential project here in Maine.