Karim Rashid Designs Lap Plus Washstand for Glass Design

[Interior | Bathroom] —- Karim Rashid Designs Lap Plus Washstand for Glass Design

Karim Rashid Designs Lap Plus Washstand –Italian company Glass Design and industrial designer Karim Rashid are long-time collaborators. Lap Plus washstand is the latest result of this consortium. Featuring a sink with a spectacular visual effect, this is an elegant and functional addition to a bathroom.

The sink has concentric circles rippling out in ellipse form echoing the oval lines of the basin, which creates an illusion of being hollow. Each unit features monochrome combinations of white on black or black on white. Its unique design allows it to be placed in all types of environments including residential and commercial.

The Lap Plus washbasin is crafted from Vetrofreddo, an innovative material by Glass Design and composed of glass pigments and resins. Its stainless steel stand is also painted matt black. There are adjustable feet and also a towel holder and an integrated shelf in the stand.

Karim says;

The sink is extremely functional due to the large surface area around the basin and the raised edge which prevents spillage. The radiating lines add to the fluidity of the form.

The Lap Plus washstand is slated to release soon. We will update the price and availability as soon as we have more information.