Midcentury Modern Farmhouse

Midcentury Modern Farmhouse | Home DesignThis Midcentury Modern Farmhouse by Windstone Construction is like something out of a dream. Those are some concepts that don’t just flow together naturally so this house definitely took some effort to dream up.

Absolutely love how the wooden door just pops next to the black exterior! This open concept living room is made to feel even bigger by all the glass doors. There is so much seating yet so much space! And do you see those double doors on the wall? That’s actually a wine cellar!

It’s been a while since we shared a guest house tour around these parts, but we’re back in action today with Lea Johnson’s beautiful Minneapolis home. If you’re into a light, casual-yet-glam eclectic mix of mid-century modern and traditional meets farmhouse aesthetic, you’re in for a treat today. Lea, a stylist in her own right, can be found over at Creekwood Hill, a blog she started as a “digital diary” to document the build of her home.

What was really just for herself and close friends transitioned into a full-blown passion after about a year or so and her site and Instagram account sort of evolved organically from there. She started styling more for family and friends, and then eventually, for clients.

But back to her home that we’re giving you a tour of today. Lea and her husband never actually intended on a new build as they really loved and admired homes from the 1920s-1940s, but after many failed offers (and realizing their lack of renovation experience might have ended up being too much for them), they started looking at empty lots and thus began their home building journey.

Look at alllllll that storage and counter space! And then the chandeliers and marble just give it a classy touch. Did I mention storage and counter space? And look at that pantry tucked away in the corner.

It kind of has a little log cabin feel from the back! That back porch is the perfect place to sit and those wood accents give it just a little touch of nature!