Monza Stylish Faucet Collection by Tonino Lamborghini

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Manufactured in collaboration with Paini Spa, a leading company in the Italian taps sector, the new faucet boasts original interior decor elements along with a unique shape and authentic design to add strong character to stylish bathroom fittings.

This gorgeous faucet design is likely to add modern and innovative style to a luxury bathroom setup. The unique shape with its pure and strong characteristics make Monza stand out from other luxe taps available in the market. This chic faucet will certainly grab eyeballs of many classy homeowners, who demand high-end fittings for their restroom.

What’s more interesting is that this faucet, as well as other versions, are named after the popular circuits of Formula 1. The first models of the faucet are planned to be showcased at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings.

Later, these bathroom mixers will be distributed worldwide; presented in the Tonino Lamborghini 5-star hotels, as well as in the building and residential projects scheduled in China and Dubai. You can find out more about the Monza faucet collection on the company’s website.

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