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[Inara Trend Design] – Trend Home Design | Ruby Ridge: A House of Two Halves

On a wedge-shaped site in suburban Wanaka, this holiday home grew from a desire to capture the breathtaking panoramic views across the lake and to the mountains beyond while incorporating a sense of shelter and privacy from the street and the extreme seasonal conditions.

To create a home that seamlessly blends privacy with openness, Barry Condon of Condon Scott Architects designed a home incorporating two pavilions connected by a linking structure that acts as a gallery, guiding visitors between southern and northern pavilions.

From the street, the southern facade is striking, devoid of windows or openings other than the recessed entrance, an area that appears deeper than it is due to a voluminous depth created by a dark, midnight stain that contrasts with the other player in the duet of tones on this facade, a noticeably lighter deep brown.

The southern pavilion follows a curvature allowing for a transition around the wedge-like shape of the site. Behind it, the glazed gallery area leads to the northern pavillion, which takes on a wing-like form; its northern eaves jutting skywards in an angular formation to create a striking juxtaposition to the curvature of the southern—and rear of the northern—pavillion.

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