Samil Demirel’s Wood and Resin Lamps

Samil Demirel’s Wood and Resin Lamps are Stunning Pieces of Aquatic Art – Samil Demirel’s Wood and Resin Lamps |There are plenty of talented artists around the world who are exploring the creative possibilities of resin. You may remember the Torn lamps in which the creators have combined this pliable material with rustic wood pieces.

Turkish artist Samil Demirel also creates something similar but in an artistic way. He not just combines burled wood and resin creatively but also suspends hand-carved wood figurines for a realistic effect. These wood and resin lamps with beautiful undersea views evoke awesome creativity!

Demirel chooses burled basswood carefully and then combines it with epoxy resin to create unique lamps inspired by the depths of the ocean. One of his lamps features little swimming sharks and another is with scuba divers suspending in the resin sea. The lamp depicting a shipwreck is probably the most creative one. In this particular build, he has carved the wrecked ship from wood separately.

The blue resin mimics water while burled wood depicts the ocean surface – both make an amazing combination. And when lighted, these lamps look even more elegant. These wood and resin lamps are perfect to bringing visuals of the ocean home.

If you are interested, you can purchase Demirel’s artistic resin lamps from his Etsy shop. The price starts from €307 about ($366).