Seven Series House in Huizen | by BRUIS Architectuur & IHC Architects

Seven Series House in Huizen | Netherlands | by BRUIS Architectuur & IHC Architects

Seven Series House in Huizen – “This futuristic home is the definition of the purity of lines. Based on the floating and continuous lines of the 7 series, the design brings its charms from automotive design to architecture.

BRUIS | IHC has brought nature back into the design by creating a patio garden in the heart, that can be seen from all rooms. This space also breaks up the cubist volumes while the interplay of lines continues. 

The ground floor consists of 3 elements that are positioned completely symmetrically. The first volume is the entrance that splits the house in two. On one side is the living wing and on the other side the cooking wing. Both have a separate staircase to the upper floor.

The glass facade at the rear is central to the upper floor. On both sides are 2 bedrooms with bathroom and walk-in closet located. The complete middle part has the function: office. This is also closely connected to the courtyard garden and pool. The futuristic and minimalistic features make this design unique. Just wait until the evening and the lights go on. That provides the real experience.

The design originated from two main volumes placed on top of each other, with the first floor folding around the second floor.#architecture #amazingarchitecture

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