Jacuzzi | Skylounge Outdoor Whirlpool Bathtub

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Jacuzzi  | Skylounge Outdoor Whirlpool BathtubFirst showcased as a prototype at Fuorisalone 2019, It is a new outdoor whirlpool bathtub by California-based Company Jacuzzi. With built-in automatic heater and ClearRay Pro3Tect (UV rays + ozone) disinfection system, Skylounge Outdoor Whirlpool Bathtub is designed for continuous use all around the year.

It features a soft shape with a raised rim that serves as a resting surface for the head. The raised internal surface of the bathtub offers two depths, allowing users to either sit or lie down. There are PowerPro nozzles to sprinkle water at various parts of the body. Furthermore, the underwater LEDs enhance the atmosphere and compel one to take a dip.

There are back-lit touch controls to activate and deactivate the whirlpool bathtub and lighting. The programming display is housed under the bathtub rim and can easily be inspected by opening the front panel in one click.

The bathtub surface is insulated using EcoShield coating, while a plastic protective base and the insulating cover are also supplied for extra protection. The floor load and dimensions of the Skylounge Outdoor whirlpool bathtub allow it to be installed even on terraces.