Spider Lamp by AROUNDtheTREE

Spider Lamp by AROUNDtheTREE Boasts Remarkable Portuguese Craftsmanship – Portuguese brand AROUNDtheTREE mainly focuses on sustainability. They make stylish and practical furniture that combine Portugal’s traditional woodworking techniques with the latest technologies. In addition to furniture, they also make other household items. Have a look at Spider Lamp by AROUNDtheTREE that will catch your attention outrightly.

This unique lamp mimicking the shape of a spider will be an ideal decorative piece in any interior setting. It features a solid wood base that resembles spider legs and has an Edison bulb installed on top. A user has full discretion to use the lamp in any way – it can be placed on a shelf, kept the floor, or can be hung down from the ceiling like a pendant lamp.

According to the official website, “it is just like a spider that we find in nature in the most varied places, this can also be in several places.”

Spider Lamp is a decorative light in solid wood, with the capacity to be used according to the creativity of who owns it. the SPIDER LIGHT can be useful for direct lighting as a desk lamp, to create ambient light in a corner of the room or even hanging on the ceiling … just like a spider that we find in nature in the most varied places, this can also be in several places …

The AROUNDtheTREE products are carefully and meticulously crafted by master artisans, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces. If you want to take this Spider lamp home, you will have to get in touch with the manufacturers through the official website.

When you choose a AROUNDtheTREE product you gain more besides just a piece of furniture.

Above all, you become part of a proud tradition of craftsmanship where nothing has been left to chance.

The AROUNDtheTREE work is careful and meticulous carried out by master artisans.

As a result, each piece in all its details becomes unique, inimitable and timeless.