Stellar Design of Larose Guyon’s Céleste Captures the Spiritual Essence of Light

[Interior | Lighting Design] — Stellar Design of Larose Guyon’s Céleste Captures the Spiritual Essence of Light

Stellar Design  –Larose Guyon, a high-end brand infusing art, life and luxury into each timeless, handcrafted creation, is proud to introduce Céleste, a luminous jewel combining the magic and spirituality of light with the elegance and beauty of contemporary design. Set for launch in March 2019, Céleste is a spark of the imagination that draws its inspiration, both aesthetically and emotionally, from the poetic nuances of sky lanterns.

“We see our work as a form of art at the service of the soul, and nothing captures that spirit more than the magical energy of light,” explains Audrée L. Larose, co-founder of Larose Guyon. “Céleste is a form of poetry in motion, encapsulating all of the positive energy and symbolism that traditional sky lanterns represent, but in the form of an exquisite and luxurious design.”

Dazzling design

Evoking the form and delicate construction of traditional Southeast Asian sky lanterns, Céleste provokes the imagination with its appearance as a floating source of light. One hundred elegant jeweled chains gracefully envelop the suspended lamp’s soft interior glow, creating a shimmering inverted dome that alters perspectives with its multiple, radiating points of light.

“We approach our lighting works in very artistic ways, and the emotions that our creations elicit certainly factor into their design,” says Félix Guyon, co-founder of Larose Guyon. “Céleste is the embodiment of a philosophy where we approach spaces architecturally in order to not only illuminate them, but also to infuse them with positive energy and inspiration.”

Celestial options

Meticulously handmade by an in-house team of local craftsmen, Céleste exemplifies Larose Guyon’s sensory-oriented focus on designing works of lighting art for a discerning clientele. Available in a choice of aged copper, aged brass, satin black or satin nickel finishes, the dazzling lamp can be purchased as a large, singular unit, or in a smaller size for paired configurations.