The House of Tubes in Monterrey | by Enrique Leal | Stato by Grupo Urban

[Inara Trend Design | Architecture] – The House of Tubes in Monterrey | by Enrique Leal | Stato by Grupo Urban

The House of Tubes in Monterrey – The Mexican architecture firm Stato by Grupo Urban led by Enrique Leal has recently completed The House of Tubes, a new residence project, integrating it into an existing structure from the middle of the 1970’s; particular shapes and volumes that made history in the southern part of the city of Monterrey.

Architect’s statement: This project seeks to find the balance between the preexisting and the new; How can it be adapted to something that was there already, the needs and wishes, to a shape that does not present a direct dialogue with them?

The answer was complex, demolishing the house was the first impulse that made sense in face of the challenge. Rescuing the structure, and integrating the necessities, lead us to a point where the analysis became challenging and insinuating.

We discovered that eradicating, as well as replicating, where languages that didn’t translate to the project. The best dialogue we could have was contrast; contrast based in lines.

Design a house with ample spaces; interiors and exteriors, that when integrated with the original project, would form a communion with the views of the surrounding landscape.

The layout and concept needed to resemble a museum, with multi-purpose spaces. A clean and sober aesthetic, allowing it to be used for exhibitions, reunions, workshops and other activities, pertinent to the different disciplines the family members practice. In the same way, it needed to offer privacy in between the different areas.

The lights and shadows that the property presents to us naturally, led us to create agreeable ambiences, well-lit and with movement, generated in the different stages of the day.

Find out about the Mexican urban legend behind the house:

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