The Waterfall House in Jalandhar | by Space Race Architects

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Inspired by the meditative forces of nature, the Waterfall house is a modern rendition of an urban sanctuary, and home to the Vashisht family in Jalandhar, Punjab. Designed by Indian architecture firm Space Race Architects.

Architect’s statement: As one approaches the house, the exterior palette leaves a lasting impression. The facade is inspired by the rocky landscape and the snow-capped mountains of upper Himalayas. Dual waterfalls mark dual entrances into the house. Much like the origination point of a river from its glacier, the waterfalls translate into grand points of initiation into the house.

The informal entry frames a view of a landscaped court just as one enters, blurring lines of separation between indoor and outdoor. The formal drawing room flanks the entrance. Adjoining it are a shoe change area and the powder room, acting as filters, trapping dust and dirt from entering the meditative space.

By clever placement of an elevator and the staircase, the architects subtly segregate the formal and informal areas of the house, while maintaining an open floor plan. Further, the informal TV lounge separates as well as unites the 2 bedrooms on the ground floor. Meanwhile, a practical approach is taken for the kitchen, enclosing it in glass, catering to the requirements of Indian cooking while providing the visual connectivity of an open kitchen.

The exterior stone cladding continues into the interior spaces as well, adding a sense of continuity between outside and inside. The play of light by a faceted mirror sculpture on the ceiling of the staircase enhances this illusion while evoking a feeling of transcendence as one ascends to the upper level. The tranquillity however does not come with the assumption of austerity.

The needs of a modern lifestyle are met luxuriously through the modern features and technology infused into the functioning of the house. An example of this is the ‘Magic Mirror’ in the bathroom that doubles as a television. It makes for an exciting feature for children, adults and guests alike.