This Mushroom Inspired House Design Has Panoramic Windows That Offer Views Of The Surrounding Forest

Architecture firm ZJJZ has recently completed ‘The Mushroom’, a unique house surrounded by a pine forest in Jiangxi, China.

The design of the house includes a cone-shaped roof structure that’s clad in wood shingles.

Complementing the wood shingles is a base of granolithic concrete, both of which will slowly change in color with humidity and time, allowing the cabin to somewhat blend in with the surrounding natural environment.

The cabin sits above the forest floor, minimizing the impact of the construction on the site, and allowing the entrance to be reached via exterior stairs.

Inside, there’s a bedroom that showcases panoramic windows that are curved to the shape of the cabin.

A small staircase leads up to a lofted children’s area that provides a closer glimpse at the pure white cone-shaped ceiling that’s rounded at the top.

In the bathroom, there’s a built-in bathtub with a horizontal window, which was designed to ensure privacy from the walking paths outside, while still allowing views of nature.

Here are the floor plans and section that show the layout of the cabin.