VitrA AutoClean Washbasin

VitrA AutoClean Washbasin is Tailored for the COVID Era — [Inara Trend Design | Bathroom]

VitrA AutoClean Washbasin – VitrA AutoClean Washbasin |A thing we have learned the hard way during the ongoing pandemic is the importance of hygiene at home. Talking of cleanliness – bathroom is the most unhygienic area that needs constant cleaning. While we now take extra care to keep the toilet seat sparkling, the washbasin still goes neglected.

Turkish bathroom products brand VitrA has expanded its Metropole range of bathroom fixtures with the new AutoClean Washbasin. Focusing on hygiene and ease-of-use, the washbasin comes with an auto-clean feature – just push the onboard button and the basin self-sanitizes without human interference.

The Metropole washbasin has a concealed outlet, which releases water to prevent dirt accumulation and to ensures hygiene. Users can control the auto-cleaning function either manually by pushing the button to flush the water or by leaving it to the photocell controller sensor to do the job.